AMOEBEYES - The Faceless Gazer


An ancient guardian colossus once known only from myth, protected and fed by its independently roaming eyes.


This huge, flattened monster possesses no distinct head or even mouth, but its eyes have been adapted into sentient, amorphous secondary bioforms or "eyemoebae," communicating basic directions and alerts to the main body by vibration of their rubbery pseudopodia. These organs additionally function as the creature's digestive system, engulfing food particles and subsequently excreting a thin, bitter nutrient stew.

The Amoebeye's eyemoebae may return to the interior of its body via two minute dorsal pores, analagous to eye sockets, both to deposit food and to recharge energy from a biological electromagnetic generator between the creature's twin hearts. Channeling stored radiation through a series of internal crystals, each eye can emit a beam of laser light from its retina intense enough to burn neatly through soft tissues and even carefully cut metal at close enough range. Energy may also be directed as electricity through the monster's soft, sensitive fingertips, allowing it to drive off or paralyze smaller organisms at a touch.

Formidable though it may be, the Amoebeyes prefers a diet of vegetation, and spends much of its existence sleeping still and silent under a thin layer of mud or soil. The stiff, wiry bristles on its limbs discourage its eyemoebae from wandering too hastily, but it has been known to send them farther from its body in search of food. If one or both are permanently lost, it will enter an extended hibernation as it grows a new set.

Amoebeyes mate during a complex, slow-motion dance almost resembling a waltz, hand in hand, until the two press torsos together and exchange one eyemoeba for another. This foreign eye will become the incubator of each monster's single offspring, losing its ability to see or emit laser light. This "pregnant" eye will eventually leave as the main body sleeps, seeking a body of water in which to grow and feed for up to six years before hatching into a young, more amphibious Amoebeyes.


An Amoebeyes has a strong aversion to violence, but can become spooked enough by smaller, faster-moving monsters to unleash its energy weapons without thinking, and has earned an unfortunate reputation for destructive bouts of panic and general clumsiness.


Amoebeyes were once known only from legend, but were recovered alive from deep swamp ruins well before modern biotechnology could have effectively recreated their rumored capabilities. It was only with this discovery that the secret to effective biological laser weaponry became mainstream knowledge, and "laser vision," however widespread, is still seen by many as a signature specialty of these timid behemoths.

Loyal and patient, Amoebeyes excel at guard duty, and its eyes, unlike the rest of it, do not require periods of sleep.


EYEMOEBAS: the monster's shapeless, mobile eyes move slowly, but can surround, smother and eat away at organic matter.

LASERBEAM: each eyemoeba can emit a deadly laser.

FINGER PRODS: the monster's sensitive fingertips can emit a paralyzing electrical shock.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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