AMPIBIOUS - "Slime Zapper"


   The Ampibious is a laterally flattened, bioluminescent, fast-moving amphiboid able to generate an electrical current and a constant supply of highly conductive slime.


With its thin, lightweight body and sucker-tipped digits, the Ampibious can move with blinding speed in almost any surroundings, darting up walls and slicing through water like a bolt of ghostly blue-green lightning, an appropriate comparison for a creature which also hunts by electricity.

Physical contact with an Ampibious can be extremely dangerous, as the monster is capable of unleashing an electrical shock of up to a thousand volts at once. Of particular concern is the conductivity of the transparent, adhesive mucus the creature can secrete from its sucker-tipped fingers and toes, allowing it to produce electrified slime trails and even semisolid webs.

Ampibious prey on small fish, frogs, worms and insects.


Ampibious are nervous creatures and prefer to use their speed and agility defensively, keeping out of harms way and shocking adversaries through their barely-visible strands of slime.


Though fast moving, an Ampibious is physically fragile and best employed strategically. In a flash, the creature can set up an electrified slime-fence around the battlefield, or lie in wait to energize a single, unseen thread of goo at the right moment. Faced with an insulated opponent, the Ampibious can at the very least provide a distraction as its luminous form darts in and out of vision.


ELECTROCUTION: the Ampibious can fry another creature with electricity on contact.

ELECTROSLIME: the monster's sticky slime functions similarly to the silken strands of a spider, and can conduct its electricity at full force.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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