AMPLIFEAR - The Radio Screamer


An advanced vocal mimic and living radar system with a number of hidden defensive mechanisms.


Though lacking optical equipment, this quick-footed omnivore's tremendous, hollow eye sockets function as a sophisticated biological radar system, steadily emitting electromagnetic waves to scan its surroundings in fine detail and even tune in to external radio transmissions. The creature may also weaponize these waves through careful enough focus, causing pain and minor tissue damage in biological targets several kilometers distant.

More infamous than its radar capabilities are the Amplifear's vocal skills, its sophisticated syrinx allowing it to translate radio signals directly into sound and perfectly replicate anything it has previously heard. While the creature can comfortably maintain its vocalizations at a thunderous 135 decibels for extended periods of time, it can momentarily increase volume to an eardrum-rupturing 180, deafening even its own senses for at least a few seconds while paralyzing or injuring other creatures at short range.

The Amplifear always gives birth to twins, which it carries for up to a year in its own sensory pits. This effectively "blinds" a mother Amplifear, but her young will take over navigational duties and direct her vocally.

An Amplifear's radar dish illuminates a bright yellow-green under ultraviolet light; a warning to potential predators that its tissues are sickeningly toxic to consume.


An Amplifear is typically fascinated by music of every variety, often spending long hours listening to radio broadcasts and experimenting with its own original mixes, though the frantic cacophany typically constituting a "song" in the mind of an Amplifear is rarely if ever appreciated by other species.


Though known best for its radio and auditory functions, the Amplifear's speed, reflexes and four powerfully taloned feet are not to be underestimated in physical combat, and with the aid of its advanced senses, it can best many adversaries even without its sonic blasts or weaponized radio beam.

The Amplifear is a favored partner among musicians and an almost ubiquitous presence at dance clubs, a stylization of its cranial dish widely recognized as a symbol for musical venues and audio equipment.


VOCAL MIMICRY: the Amplifear can replicate any sound.

SONIC BLAST: the monster can emit a brief screech loud enough to cause pain and paralysis.

RADAR DISH: the Amplifear is equipped with a biological radar system capable of scanning its surroundings across a wide range.

RADIO BEAM: the creature's radar signals can be focused into a burning, invisible directed energy ray.

INEDIBLE: it also tastes bad.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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