ANGLESNIPE - The Dimensional Decoy


   Constantly bobbing as though suspended from unseen strings, the tiny and delicate Anglesnipe has confirmed itself to be only a small part of another being, but is either unwilling or unable to explain the form or even location of its true "body," assuming the term is even applicable.

   The dancing movements, shimmering color patterns, obnoxious "razzing" and posterior gyrations of an Anglesnipe all contribute to the effects of its cognitoreactive broadcast, driving other beings mad with an aggressive, obsessive desire to devour it at all costs. Prey may abandon any task, endanger any life, ignore any basic tenent of common sense to follow the mocking bait.

   An organism successfully ingesting an Anglesnipe experiences a gradual dematerialization process, leaving behind only the hardened, crystallized brain, from which a new Anglesnipe will subsequently hatch.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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