An Apocalocust is the hybrid form between a human and a common grasshopper.


Strictly herbivorous in its natural state, the Apocalocust's powerful jaws can grind even Mortasheen's pervasive steelweed and clawbramble to a paste, using its powerful hind legs to spring to safety before the city's more aggressive shrubbery attempts to bite back.

Under significant stress, an Apocalocust undergoes a rapid biochemical transformation marked by a drastic shift in coloration from light greens and browns to stark shades of red and black. Surging with adrenaline and overcome with raging hunger, the monster ceases to register pain, fear or fatigue and will consume any available material, plant or animal, until its appetite is satiated and it succumbs to exhaustion for several days.

As a last defensive resort, the monster will regurgitate its stomach contents in a hot, noxious froth.

Apocalocust give birth to well developed infants in transparent, rubbery egg tubes, which they bury in warm soil and leave to their own devices.


Under normal circumstances, the typical Apocalocust is known for its friendly, even highly altruistic behavior. Though it prefers relaxation and fun to violent confrontation, it will quite literally leap to the defense of other, weaker creatures and demonstrate remarkable physical fighting skill with its speedy front talons and powerful leg muscles.

It can take exceptional circumstances to push the easygoing creature to its berserker state, during which it rarely communicates anything but gruesome threats and vicious insults towards its adversary.

In any mental state, an Apocalocust loves music and demonstrates a natural talent with instruments. A stable specimen has a preference for light, upbeat tuns, especially classical folk music and traditional, simple instruments. A Berserk Apocalocust, conversely, becomes all the deadlier and more excited if it can rip and tear along to a thrashing, crashing racket of harshly modern fare.


The Apocalocust makes a strong and reliable addition to any combat team, adept at scouting ahead for danger, de-escalating confrontations and entertaining friends with its musical skills. It will carefully contain its berserk state if it believes it may harm an innocent bystander, but give in to it willingly whenever it provides an advantage in protecting those it cares about.


SPRINGING LEGS: the Apocalocust's "spring loaded" leg muscles give it both a powerful leap and vicious kick.

FROTH: the monster can regurgitate a burningly bitter, pungent froth.

BERSERKER MODE: an Apocalocust pushed to its breaking point enters a fearless, flesh-eating rage state.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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