A biofusion between hominid and dragonfly, the Apteros loses its capacity for flight but boasts one of the fastest running speeds of any Arthropoid.


A voracious predator with keen senses, the Apteros is constantly in search of its next meal as it darts from place to place, its massive, highly sensitive eyes easily detecting the slightest twitch of a camouflaged muckrat even as it dashes through a smog-choked sewage-marsh. It typically skewers and devours smaller prey on the run, while pouncing larger beasts from behind and attempting to gnaw through their neck. Apteros mate tail-to-tail for hours at a time, and will continue running and hunting while so attached. Young are miniature versions of adults, and born immediately capable of fending for themselves.


Despite their inability to fly, Apteros are fascinated by the sky and naturally drawn to points of higher elevation, stalking meals from overhead power lines, tree branches and rooftops wherever applicable.

Similarly, Apteros do not require an aquatic environment like their dragonfly base, but are attracted to the smell of water and fascinated by reflective surfaces.


An Apteros is adept not only as hunting and killing, but at searching, watching and gathering information, its large brain capable of processing detailed visual input even as it dashes in and out of enemy territory at top speed.

Apteros are signature hunting partners to the denizens of the rust bog, though their territorial nature limits the creatures to one per household.


DASH: the Apteros can snap from a standing position to a running speed of over 80mph in a split second, nimbly leaping and darting over most obstacles.

GNAW: the monster's powerful jaws can saw through flesh and bone with impressive speed of their own.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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