ARKHEX - The Hungry Light


   An interdimensional entity with no tangible form, the Arkhex manifests only as a luminescence of the host surface, ever-changing in sometimes nameless colors. Latching onto any organic or partially organic being, it feeds parasitically on genetic material. Hosts experience incredibly rapid cellular and mental growth, swelling within minutes into hulking psychic mutants, only to experience equally rapid tissue decay and intense hallucinations as the entity begins to feed.

   Though impossible to truly communicate with, an Arkhex can be bound and controlled by standard psionics in the same manner as any monster, consuming only harmless amounts of tissue as it rides in the body of its controller or fellow minions. Psionics may also weaken or even destroy the entity, and electrical shock or extreme heat can drive it from a host. It does not usually display any recognizable sentience, but Arkhex have been known to defend controllers who were not aware of the approaching enemy, and an Arkhex released from control rarely turns on former allies.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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