BARBALETCH - Devil Bird of Delusion


   Hatched from the egg of an Envy and Greed, the Barbaletch appears to consist entirely of legs and talons, its brain tissue coiled within its spindly limbs. A psychic distortion field ensures that most sentient beings will perceive the Barbaletch inaccurately in almost every way; its location, size, number, movement and sometimes even species all appear - even to the olfactory senses - randomly contrary to reality, differing with the perception of one individual to the next.

A Barbaletch feeds by latching on to a host and draining fluids over a great length of time, during which the victim begins to perceive more and more of their surroundings incorrectly. These delusions are virtually always pleasant, bending to whatever imaginary situation the victim would personally desire. The closer they are to death, the deeper they fall into a dreamworld with no recollection of reality.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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