BEEBLEZUG - The Maggot Spitter


   A common zombie spawn known for the symbiotic insects it employs as an external digestive system.


It remains uncertain how and when a strain of z-spawn merged with a subspecies of carrion fly, but the modern Beeblezug carries a complete insect genome in its specialized brooding-bladders and may replicate up to several thousand maggots per 12-hour activity cycle. Foregoing any pupal or imago stage, the large, voracious insect larvae function as the Beeblezug's primary feeding and defensive mechanism, regurgitated by the toothless creature to break down organic matter into a more palatable slop and reingested as it feeds.

The lifespan of a single Beeblezug maggot seldom exceeds a week when separated from its parent monster, but appears to be almost indefinite within its body, entering a hibernative state when food is scarce.


Beeblezug are shy, reclusive creatures that prefer to scavenge kills from larger monsters or harmlessly graze on the non-vital tissues of zombies, but may reflexively regurgitate in the literal face of danger. "Tickled" by the excited writhing of its symbionts, a Beeblezug's level of hunger is easily deduced from its degree of squirming, shuddering and "dancing" as it approaches the scent of a pungent meal.

A Beeblezug's regurgitation is preceded by a loud and extended "snorting."


Despite their bashful nature and awkward, ponderous waddling, Beeblezug are frighteningly accurate marksmen when driven to expectorate, projecting a thin stream of maggots for up to several yards when the need arises. With impressive flesh-hooks and corrosive saliva, the insects can tunnel into healthy flesh and wreak havoc on internal organs.


UNDYING: all Zombie Spawn exhibit rapid regeneration and biological immortality, persisting for as long as some portion of their biomass remains intact.

MAGGOTS: a Beeblezug feeds by regurgitating a mass of symbiotic, flesh-eating maggots, and may "projectile vomit" to strike opponents at a distance.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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