BEMZUUL - The Flying Eyes


   A reconnaissance monster rivaling the Oculapus, the small but durable Bemzuul can focus its vision on small subjects up to a mile away and telepathically transmit its perspective to any individual who knows its unique set of mental "keywords." It can even recall, erase or edit specific segments of visual information from its photographic memory and broadcast information to multiple recipients.

When a Bemzuul is threatened by a visually-equipped enemy, it releases a brilliant burst of light from its eyes, leaving most assailants in a daze while the avian monster invades its mind and tampers with its visual memory. Victim may remember an entire different-looking creature or object in the Bemzuul's place, or in the most extreme cases, forget entire years worth of visual input. As this can force an individual to re-learn faces or an entire written language, the Bemzuul makes as versatile a weapon as it does a scout.

Bemzuul rarely produce sound, but may croak in a toadlike manner when pleased. Their highly elastic necks are boneless, allowing their heads to rotate and contort in unusual ways. The Bemzuul's preferred food are eggs, especially the fertile eggs of reptiles.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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