Myiasious Leviathan


NECROGENESIS: One of the rarest mutations of Zombie Spawn, the Bezulga begins its existence when a Beeblezug or Putrephile begins to absorb other Zombie Spawn until it mutates into one massive, maggot-filled cyst. This amalgamation eventually ruptures, releasing a single tadpole-like larval Bezulga, and the original constituent Spawn will slowly regenerate from the remains.


Growing to titanic proportions in a very short time, a Bezulga is a towering mound of gelatinous flesh undulating with a shaggy carpet of cloned "maggots" as thick clouds of "flies" whirl in rhythmic streams from the creature's respiratory pores. These insectoid bodies are cloned directly from specialized stem cells carpeting the monster's outer membranes, acting in response to its biochemical signals without brains of their own. Larviform bodies rapidly consume any organic material in reach of their razor sharp oral hooks, and can be shed from the creature's surface or reabsorbed as needed. Older individuals are migrated to the creature's internal respiratory membranes for pupation into adults, which function as the creature's primary sensory system.

A Bezulga requires a constant stream of food to sustain its insect replication and massive form, but can autometabolize when deprived of sustenance and slowly degenerate back to its larval form, regaining its mass as food becomes available again.

BEHAVIOR: A Bezulga is delighted by the sensations of its swarm feeding, chuckling deeply as it watches squirming prey reduced to clean, wet bone, and has a reputation as a truly unstoppable eating machine. It can, however, selectively withhold the feeding reflex of its many tiny mouths, and come to identify other creatures as "family" through only a few offerings of interesting new "treats."


UNDYING: all Zombie Spawn exhibit rapid regeneration and biological immortality, persisting for as long as some portion of their biomass remains intact.

MYIASIS COAT: the Bezulga is completely covered in replicated maggots, which collectively break down and consume organic material on contact.

MOSCOID NETWORK: the monster's mature "fly" bodies are an extension of its mind and senses.

DESIGN DESCRIPTION: this creature is a lumpy pile of pale, dripping mush, like a mound of custard or melting marshmallow, which is actually made up of maggots. It has two much arms and a tail on the ground, with no rear legs. Its rounded head has a smiling mouth full of sharp, hooked teeth and melted-looking gums. A very long, tapering tongue trails out of the mouth and along the ground, fading from pale green to purple. A pair of veiny, ropy, thin stalks, colored a dark mauve, dangly from small eye sockets close to the corners of the mouth. These stalks are so long that the creature's veiny, green eyeballs are close to the ground. The top of its head is fat and bulbous like a whale's, and a smoke-like stream of flies pour from a small hole on top.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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