BEZULGA - The Maggot King


   Among the rarest mutations of the Zombie spawn, the Bezulga begins its existence as a minute, almost tadpole-like embryonic larva until colonized by flies, which it absorbs and begins to clone directly within its cells. Growing to titanic proportions in a very short time, the Bezulga's gelatinous outer membrane undulates with several tons of replicant maggots as brainless, cloned flies are rhythmically vented and reinhaled in thick, whirling streams. To catch the Bezulga's attention is to arouse the hunger of several billion tiny bodies, and few who cross its path can escape with their tissues intact.

   Bezulga are delighted by the sight of their offspring feeding, chuckling deeply as they watch squirming prey reduced to clean, wet bone. Monsters such as the Beeblezug, Putrephile and Dipteran Arthropoids seem to reserve a sort of reverence for the beasts, who couldn't possibly care less until offerings of food are involved.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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