"Musca Sapiens"



Created by the hybridization of human and blowfly, the Blobotle is rumored to have been the first Arthropoid species ever created. Lacking jaws or teeth, it soaks organic material with digestive enzymes before sucking the liquefied food through its sponging proboscis. Attracted to the smell of decomposition, it favors carrion and excrement above all other food sources, and will wallow in putrescent matter to saturate its body in bacteria. As with other Arthropoids, it does not exhibit a larval stage or undergo metamorphosis, but it retains an instinct to rear its young directly within a larger carcass.

A Blobotle's senses are virtually unsurpassed, its oral flaps and tarsal pads dense with chemosensory cells that can determine the precise nutritive content of a corpse with a single taste of the air from several miles away, while its highly sensitive hairs and 360 degree vision can detect the approach of potential predators from every angle. Highly maneuverable, its tarsal pads secrete a versatile adhesive that allows it to scale any surface. When all else fails, its last line of defense is to violently regurgitate, drenching its attacker with a corrosive stew of enzymes and rotting stomach contents.


With its heightened awareness of danger and close relationship with carrion, a Blobotle tends to have a morbid outlook on existence, always ready to sour someone else's optimism with an anecdote about death's inevitability. Though quite adept at evasion tactics, it is apathetic about its own mortality, and may only complain that an impending demise was so tiresomely predictable.


A Blobotle's sticky appendages make it a formidable grappler as well as climber, its grip almost unbreakable until it chooses to dissolve its natural glue with a secretion of oily solvent, and its stomach acids can rapidly break down organic material or more slowly eat their way through certain plastics and metals. Above all else however, its sensory adaptations make it a difficult adversary regardless of its combative techniques or experience, exhausting most foes by sheer evasion.


HYPERSENSORY: the Blobotle is highly aware of its surroundings and even their chemical composition.

STICKY GRIP: this Arthropoid's hands and feet can form an unbreakable bond to almost any surface.

ACIDIC REGURGITATION: the monster can spit up a corrosive sludge of gastric juices and digested food.



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