CHOAK - Boo Man of Illusion


"Come'll be fun."

Offering their services as assassins, bounty hunters, security guards and even personal battle-monsters, the Boo Men are elite mercenary bioconstructs of uncertain origins, each sharing a single core mind and personality across its many replicants or "incarnations."

Choak, the "laughing gasser," fancies herself a comedian and artist, always eager to show off the dazzling new tricks she's concocted from her gases even as her patrons may asphyxiate and dissolve.

CAPABILITIES: While her range of toxic compounds are rather limited compared to her fellow Boo Man Stingg, Choak can distribute her poisons in a gaseous state over a vast area, and more impressively, manipulate her noxious mist like an amorphous extension of her physical body. This control is precise enough to maintain complex landscapes, animated characters and even a limited number of semi-solid objects from gas alone, effectively generating a detailed artificial environment from Choak's own imagination.

Choak's most frequently used gas is a magenta-colored corrosive, eating away at unprotected tissues and especially the sensitive membranes of the respiratory system. A cyan "laughing gas" induces euphoria and numbs pain, a blood red "terror gas" induces blind panic, her blindingly yellow nerve agent often proves toxic even to corrosion-resistant organisms, and a putrid green emission, only selectively utilized, simply smells unbearably foul. A fifth, colorless and odorless compound can counteract the effects of her other five, employed to protect those she deems worthy of safe entry into her realm.


Choak revels in her own creativity, frolicking in colorful, fanciful dreamscapes and entertaining guests (willing or unwilling) with elaborate art pieces, puppet shows, puzzles, games, rides or even interactive works of fiction, all crafted entirely from the very poisons that may seal their doom. Sufficient praise can sometimes convince her to spare an adversary or even assassination target, but the slightest act of disrespect, criticism or mockery can trigger the full brunt of her wrath, her whimsical cloud-circus twisting into a dark, putrid house of horror.

Choak's sense of "humor" is notoriously obtuse and dangerously unpredictable, while her grasp of the reality outside her ethereal dreamland seems tenuous at best. She seems to make little distinction between the entities she invents and actual, independent beings, harboring complex feelings towards an ever-changing cast of her own "original characters."

Only "Gassandra" is an almost constant companion, a cloud of her noxious green gas that she seems to regard as a faithful, trustworthy "pet."

Choak is the only Boo Man who exhibits some confusion over her own hive-minded nature. Where two Choak meet, each body is somehow convinced that the other is only another of her gaseous puppets.


TOXIC GAS: Choak can emit five varieties of gas with debilitating effects on organisms capable of respiration.

GASEOUS ILLUSIONS: Choak can create life-like images from her chemicals, which may be difficult to discern from reality - especially under the influence of her laughing gas.

GASEOUS APPENDAGES: Choak can, with a little concentration, "solidify" her gas enough for it to lift, move, slash, smash or bind her adversaries.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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