DRANE - Boo Man of Science



Offering their services as assassins, bounty hunters, security guards and even personal battle-monsters, the Boo Men are elite mercenary "bogeymen" of uncertain origins, each sharing a single core mind and personality across its many replicants or "incarnations."

The mad inventor Drane is the most intelligent of the Boo Men and arguably among the most intelligent of all known bioforms, though much of her massive intellect is assimilated from her past victims.


Though physically frail herself, Drane is capable of infesting inert biological matter with her own remotely controlled biological nanoids, animating and controlling dead materials for as long as they continue to be useful. Seldom content to simply puppeteer a cadaver in its natural configuration, Drane employs her vast store of knowledge and unsurpassed ingenuity to reconfigure biomatter into an array of traps, weapons, vehicles, tools and even temporary structures as necessary. Coupled with Drane's vast knowledge of chemistry and physics, these "necromechanics" may incorporate inorganic materials and modifications as dramatic as directed energy weapons, explosive projectiles, corrosive secretions, rocket propulsion and more.

Once an opponent has fallen to Drane's ingenious machinations, she employs her hollow, corrosive tongue to access and consume her victim's living brain tissue, worming its acidic tip through the victim's cranial orifices or simply cracking open a stubborn skull with her powerful upper teeth. As she feeds, Drane taps into the very mind of her prey and absorbs whatever information she deems useful or merely very interesting, adding to her collective knowledge base before finally scrapping the remains for spare parts.


Physically fragile and socially awkward, Drane seeks constant recognition for her brilliance and outside validation for her existence. She is prone to lecturing any being within earshot on advanced scientific principles regardless of either their interest or comprehension, and may even keep an opponent alive just long enough to finish explaining the scientific principles which facilitated their defeat.

Drane is prone to letting her guard down when her ego is sufficiently stroked, and losing her cool when it is disrespected. Faced with an intellectual equal or the rare superior, she will go to extreme and sometimes dangerously irrational lengths to prove her greatness and humiliate her competition.

Drane's greatest weakness, however, is simply her obsessive infatuation with her fellow Boo Man, Stingg. Drane will jump at any opportunity to impress Stingg, even attempting to destroy the toxic creature in exciting, creative new ways whenever the two find themselves on opposite sides of a battle. Incarnations of Stingg have been known to respond favorably to some of these gestures, but Drane will seemingly never be satisfied until she has won over Stingg's entire collective.


BRAIN DRAIN: Drane can penetrate the cranium of another creature, consume brain matter and absorb knowledge in the process.

INSTANT NECROMIZATION: Drane employs an instantaneous field version of the controversial necromization technique, infecting and animating dead flesh on the fly.

INTELLIGENCE: Drane's mind is sharp enough to qualify as a weapon in itself. Drane can build complex machinery from limited resources, and hatch virtually fool-proof strategies for any imaginable situation.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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