KROOK - Boo Man of Trickery



Offering their services as assassins, bounty hunters, security guards and even personal battle-monsters, the Boo Men are elite mercenary bioconstructs of uncertain origins, each sharing a single core mind and personality across its many replicants or "incarnations."

Krook, the slithering swindler, is a notoriously unscrupulous Boo Man capable of manipulating other beings to their own destruction.


Slippery, slimy and spineless, Krook is better adapted to avoid physical confrontation than endure it, often worming their way out of an opponent's grasp and disappearing down the nearest trash chute or rodent hole.

Krook's true strength lies in their psychosuggestive cogno-field and intoxicating musk, together impairing the judgment and increasing the suggestibility of other creatures to such a degree that they emphatically believe Krook's every word, agree with any sentiments the cunning monster may express and truthfully answer any question to the best of their ability. These effects are by far at their most potent when Krook has some sort of "deal" to offer their victim, be it goods or services, in exchange for something else of value.

In just a few minutes of rapid-fire banter, Krook can convince almost any sentient being that the Boo Man is their oldest and most trusted friend, that a bottle of poison is a good trade for their only weapon, and that its contents are the only cure for the terminal illness Krook has diagnosed them with "just in the nick of time."


An instance of Krook is actually two symbiotic beings, a "body" and a "hat," though properly referred to as though a single entity. Neither creature is necessarily more in control, but the hat alone is capable of speech, the body and its sensitive tongue simply gesturing and miming along to their dialog. Krook's "body" is a simpler, more easygoing creature, while the "hat" has a more grandiose self image and an insatiable desire for items of value...most of which the Boo Man simply swallows and digests.

Krook enjoys duping other creatures whether or not they have anything to accomplish by doing so, and will never pass up a chance to test the limits of their own talents.


MIND TRICKS: Krook can force other beings to believe whatever it wants them to believe.

SLINKING FORM: Krook's rubbery, slimy body is collapsible and quite fast.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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