SNIP - Boo Man of Surgery


"There now, that didn't hurt me at all, did it?"

Offering their services as assassins, bounty hunters, security guards and even personal battle-monsters, the Boo Men are elite mercenary bioconstructs of uncertain origins, each sharing a single core mind and personality across its many replicants or "incarnations."

Snip, the wandering surgeon, is unusual among the Boo Men in his absolute refusal to cause direct harm to any living being, though the effects of his "medical work" can be nonetheless hazardous.


With his x-ray eye, surgical know-how and regenerative ichor, Snip is capable of almost immediately repairing other bioforms at a moment's notice, and even enhancing them beyond their original capabilities. His own body produces a variety of redundant tissues, organs and fluids for emergency transplantation, while his very blood is a powerful anaesthetic and disinfectant.

Though personally nonviolent, Snip will provide all the field support necessary to turn the tide of battle in favor of an employer, allowing his modified patients to do the dirty work for him. Under extreme circumstances, he may even wield his talents to indebt an adversary, or exchange medical work for an admission of defeat.


Snip is a serious, no-nonsense Boo Man who regards his work as both highly practical and deeply artistic, though he tends to be humble about his talents and generally shy in social situations. He believes that healing in itself is the mightiest of all weapons, and even after he has assisted a trainer in combat, he may offer his services to nurse their opponents back to health - under the condition that they not engage his current master in battle against their consent.

Snip's one significant weakness is his disgust for any dead biological matter in an animate state, whether zombie spawn or the creations of his fellow Boo Man, Drane. He will always take pains to avoid touching such materials, and if forced to do so, abandon all other obligations to extensively wash his entire body. It is said that some small shudder of horror even ripples through his entire collective in the presence of the walking-decayed, and he will not work with a trainer who offers no fully living bioforms for him to operate upon.

When not employed on a team, an instance of Snip will simply go wandering, healing and modifying any injured being he comes upon - whether they agree to it or not.


ICHOR: Snip's chemical secretions can meld broken tissues back together, flush pathogens from a body and inhibit pain reception.

TRANSPLANTATION: Snip's body grows more organs and tissues than required for its own functionality, which can instantaneously assimilate themselves into the body of a patient.

RECONSTRUCTION: Snip can not only rebuild a damaged patient, but reconfigure a patient into a new, more effective shape for a given situation, add additional muscle, increase the subject's number of limbs and even boost natural offensive and defensive methods.




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