STINGG - Boo Man of Venom


"Okay, THIS time it's the antidote. Promise."

Offering their services as assassins, bounty hunters, security guards and even personal battle-monsters, the Boo Men are elite mercenary bioconstructs of uncertain origins, each sharing a single core mind and personality across its many replicants or "incarnations."

The venomous hooligan Stingg is one of the most conniving and ruthless of the Boo Men, preferring assassination jobs above all else and employing her chemical arsenal to manipulate or incapacitate anyone standing between her and her quarry.


While physically fragile, Stingg is even faster on land than her close friend, Braek, albeit in shorter, more controlled bursts. She can leap hundreds of times her own body length, dart out of sight in a heartbeat and lash out with her talons faster than the eye can see, all in dead silence as she stalks her victims.

Stingg's body constantly extracts and refines chemical compounds from her diet of poisonous plants and insects, storing raw elements in dozens of bundled glands until needed. Emptying select glands into one of her venom bladders, Stingg can formulate a staggering variety of toxins ranging from narcotics to necrotizers, and can arm herself with up to four distinct concoctions per 24-hour cycle.

Stingg's four venom bladders are connected, respectively, to her nails, head crest, bodily horns, and abdominal stinger. Once she has filled a given bladder with a chosen chemical, she experiences a rush of adrenaline and an almost unbearable urge to empty the toxin into a victim, becoming increasingly frantic and aggressive the longer she must wait, though also sharper-minded and even more athletic than usual.


Stingg is a vain, haughty and vindictive Boo Man, taking great pride in her physical appearance, social image and ever-changing musical tastes. She delights in cutting down others with frank criticisms and brutal insults, which she has been known on some special occasions to communicate through improvised poetry or song. Stingg believes she is truly unique, or at least as unique as a creature can be with several thousand replicant bodies operating world-wide, and that very few other creatures are worthy of her respect. Of the other Boo Men, she reserves adoration exclusively for Braek, dismissing the rest variably as "tools" and "fakers."


LEAP: stingg's lightweight body can bunch up and launch itself several hundred feet.

VENOMOUS STING: Stingg can select four of her signature toxins per day to arm herself with, secreting them through her various thorns and spurs. Known concoctions, their effects and her own names for them include but are not limited to the following:

"Truth Serum" - forces the afflicted to answer questions to the best of their ability.
"Haterade" - triggers a berserk state of indiscriminate rage and violence.
"Scritch-scratch" - erupts the epidermis with fast-spreading, agitating boils and blisters.
"Black Acid" - literally an inky black corrosive, even effective against inorganic matter.
"Oopsie" - may cause one or more of a victim's appendages to simply drop off.
"Spew Brew" - causes nausea, dizziness and vomiting.
"Rainbow Kisses" - causes euphoria and hallucinations.
"Nightmare Juice" - induces terrifying visions.
"Bloody Marty" - causes high-pressure bleeding from all orifices.
"Brain buster" - temporarily blanks the mind and blocks telepathic communication.
"The Jitters" - an overwhelming stimulant. Has been known to cause heart failure.
"Night-night" - a powerful and instantaneous sedative.
"Tarantella" - causes an uncontrollable urge to dance.
"Sniffles" - induces a sense of unbearable sadness.
"Spring Cleaning" - a life-threateningly powerful laxative.
"Gargleblaster" - dangerously intoxicating.
"Glug-glug" - rapidly fills the lungs with fluid.
"Liverdie" - literally kills the liver.
"Who-You" - an amnesiatic. Extent and duration proportionate to dosage.
"Peekaboo" - causes blindness and a heightened state of panic.
"Yellow Agent" - deadly to botanical life.
"Buzz-kill" - deadliest to arthropoids.
"Stay-ded" - inhibits regeneration in zombie spawn.
"Rust-alla-em" - non-toxic to most monsters, but corrodes biomecha.
"Giggle-gone" - deadly to joker-class monsters.
"Holy Water" - shuts down the telecognitive abilities of devil-birds.
"Bad Blood" - not lethal, but makes vampiric monsters debilitatingly nauseous.
"Early Bird" - flushes a body of brain-flukes.
"The Stew" - exceptionally lethal, but will also kill Stingg's instance once expended.
"Doctor stingg's Amazing Miracle Tonic" - allegedly cures hangovers.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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