WHAIL - Boo Man of Music


"Just...leave me alone. After you hear this one."

Offering their services as assassins, bounty hunters, security guards and even personal battle-monsters, the Boo Men are elite mercenary bioconstructs of uncertain origins, each sharing a single core mind and personality across its many replicants or "incarnations."

The lonesome vocalist, Whail, is easily the least "popular" of the Boo Men, and the pompous, antisocial creature would have it no other way.

CAPABILITIES: Whail's talents lie in his incredible neurosonic vocalization system, his honking, squawking, cacophonous "singing" capable of entrancing other creatures to the point of maniacal obsession, even destroying themselves outright if they believe it will please him.

Where seduction fails, Whail can concentrate his crooning into an almost inaudible but devastating sonic blast, the intense shockwave easily fracturing bone and rupturing blood vessels within a small radius.

Physically, Whail is agile and lightweight but surprisingly strong. His leathery hide is covered in millions of microscopic denticles allowing him to shred flesh with a mere slap, and his hollow, flexible bones are remarkably durable.


As self-loathing as he is self-congratulatory, Whail considers himself a misunderstood genius and hopeless romantic, but feels only disgust for those lured by his voice and contempt for those "arrogant" enough to express any genuine interest in winning his heart. Ultimately, Whail's only true love is his own misery, romanticizing his loneliness to the point of taking great pains to preserve it.

When not wielding his voice as a weapon of destruction, Whail's hobbies include writing poetry to himself, posing dramatically for paintings, cultivating roses, ruthlessly critiquing the creative works of others, composing surprisingly intricate classical music to accompany his atonal howling, engaging in philosophical debates that usually end in a minor public tantrum, standing atop towers silhouetted against a full moon, tearing down paintings of himself in melodramatic fits of anguish, and writing his own personal, unauthorized entries in popular fiction series.

When two of Whail's instances meet, he often attempts to prove his superiority to even himself, engaging in a single-minded, double-bodied musical duel not unlike a territorial bird confronted with its own reflection.

Above all else, however, Whail cannot abide his fellow Boo Man, Bang, and will take great pains to avoid having to look at or speak with the being.


SIREN SONG: The croaking racket Whail can spew from his vocal holes can drive other creatures into a frenzy of desire for the Boo Man, and they will do absolutely anything he asks of them.

SILENT HOWL: Whail can emit a physically dangerous blast of vibration carrying surprisingly little sound.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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