BOTULARIA - "Amoebic Mania"


MACROFORM: This slithering, rolling mass of protoplasm grows and feeds wherever a variety of organic detritus has accumulated, including dumpsters, compost heaps, retirement homes and cesspools. A Botularia may spend its entire existence scavenging in peace until provoked, venting a toxic gas from its pores which causes temporary confusion, dizziness and memory loss while it returns to its endless feeding.

MICROFORM: While its macroform is generally peaceful until provoked, the microscopic Botularia is an aggressive neurovore, rapidly diminishing cognitive function as its feeds on the brain and nervous system. Its plasmodium can functionally if crudely replace destroyed neurons, keeping hosts alive in a deranged, broken state which increasingly wishes to consume soil, garbage and offal. Infection is easily recognized by the host's uncontrollable laughter and blue-green, "fuzzy" mottling as the plasmodium begins to break out of the body.

REPRODUCTION: Botularia are capable of reproducing even in their macroscopic form, splitting apart as they feed and grow. They may emerge from the infectious stage as a single, massive conglomerate body, but seldom maintain it for more than a few minutes.

PERSONALITY: The macroscopic Botularia is a peaceful, slothful, simple-minded creature, interested mostly in eating, sleeping, and eating some more. It does, however, consider itself to have exceptionally sophisticated taste in food.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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