BREKEKEKEX - The Toad Blaster


   An unusual instance of a bioconstruct created by another monster, the Brekekekex is a sentient organic combat suit designed by the Eex, a diminutive and vulnerable humanoid species believed to have originated off-world.


The Brekekekex was designed to be piloted, or rather parasitized, by a single tiny Eex. A cockpit-like cavity in the monster's massive brain allows a small enough sapioform to override all motor functions and directly receive outside sensory input, though the majority of physical sensations such as pain are filtered out before reaching the "pilot."

  A Brekekekex feeds by liquefying and drinking organic matter through its posterior stinger, and burns most waste matter as fuel for its twin blasters.


Eex are peaceful creatures by nature, utilizing the Brekekekex as a strictly defensive weapon. Piloted specimens will attempt to avoid confrontation at all costs, and fire their beam weapons under only the most dire circumstances.

  Unpiloted, a Brekekekex is reckless, unpredictable, territorial and mildly sadistic, gleefully blasting living things to see how long they squirm before total immolation. Their croaking, haughty laughter is an almost immediate sign of a "free" Brekekekex.


The signature weapons of the Brekekekex are its dual blaster pods, actually highly modified eyes. Each pod can independently rotate, track targets by thermal signature and emit a directed microwave beam capable of burning through several inches of organic material in a flash. Between charging its beams, the monster's feeding stinger makes a reliable and effective secondary weapon, able to punch a hole through heavily armored surfaces and deliver a spray of debilitating acid.

  Piloted or maverick, a Brekekekex is deviously intelligent and highly maneuverable, able to scale sheer surfaces with its toe pads and launch itself surprising distances with its thin but densely muscled legs.


ENERGY BEAMS: The Brekekekex's twin beam pods can unleash devastating long-range energy beams, frying flesh to a charred crisp in seconds. Each pod requires several minutes of recharge time before firing again, but the two can operate independently of one another, alternating blasts for relatively steady destruction.

STINGER TAIL: The "tail" or "sting" of the Brekekekex is technically a single long, modified tooth. Laced with extracted metals, it can retract tightly into the body to ram through solid matter, and inject prey with a paralyzing digestive acid.

FROG LEGS: Brekekekex are awkward runners, but excellent leapers, swimmers and climbers. They typically spring from place to place in a zig-zagging pattern, making them elusive and disorienting targets.

SENSORY ARRAY: The monster's beam pods are themselves are sophisticated thermal imaging organs, while its three central eyes are sensitive to the entire known visual range, peer through solid barriers and zoom in on details several miles distant.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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