BUCBUCLAW - The Slaughtercock


   Said to be one of the earliest genetic experiments alive today, the Bucbuclaw pre-dates Mortasheen city by at least several millenia and is rumored to have been created in the crude "laboratories" of some primitive, all-human civilization whose laughable parodies of science would have lead to a swift and violent collapse.

   Fairy tales aside, these small, speedy hunters display a formidable mix of brutality and brainpower, maneuvering with ingenious strategy and toying with prey until they can identify and exploit some fatal vulnerability in a single, swift strike of their foot talons. Hermaphroditic and self fertilizing, the eggs of Bucbuclaw are injected into living hosts through a telescopic, bladed cloaca along with a noxious stew of filthy waste products. Developing chicks depend on sepsis to destroy the host from within, providing them with an adequate supply of festering carrion by the time they hatch.

   A Bucbuclaw's brain is located in its chest, allowing even a decapitated specimen to survive indefinitely, slurping morsels of food into its neck cavity.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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