CACCHINNOX - The Squealing Joker


   Almost rivaling the destructive power of the Harlequeen, the Cacchinnox is aberrant even by Joker standards; no less playful and anarchic, but crueler, and far more bloodthirsty. Whether friend or foe, its every action carries some element of malice, its sense of humor more focused on inflicting as much physical harm and emotional distress as it possibly can. Prone to bullying even their own kind, the beasts are are often kept deeply imprisoned within the Joker Hive.

   A Cacchinnox blows thousands of colorful, toxic mucus bubbles to quickly disorient its victims. Its intensely shrill giggle is finely tuned to cause intense physical discomfort in most other beings, and a single focused squeak can inflict debilitating agony. Its rubbery body can compress to less than a tenth its length at rest, allowing the creature to launch itself like a spring.

   Genetic sequencing places the Cacchinnox surprisingly far from other known Jokers, possibly representing an assimilated natural species or a relic of the most ancient, prototypical Joker lineage.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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