CANKERSOUR - "Sludge Sickness"


MACROFORM:Constantly swaying its tentacles from side to side and emitting a soft "chuckling" sound, the Cankersour feeds primarily on feces and the various insects associated with it, slowly multiplying in sewage pipes, fertilizer pits and neglected lavatories. Its smaller "base" is technically its head end, bearing the brain and primary feeding pore, while its larger tentacles surround its excretory end. What appears to be a "mouth" is actually a defensive gland, blinding and choking attackers with a powerful jet of burning hot, tar-like waste matter.

MICROFORM: Cankersour infection is associated with the development of foul smelling, sucker-like "warts," expulsion of various waste materials from major orifices and an overpowering, nauseating sense of disgust with even the most ordinary stimuli, regurgitating violently at the smell of normally preferred food or the sight of a loved one's face.

REPRODUCTION: Cankersour infection culminates in the assembly of several hundred minute young in the host's digestive tract, finally expelled in a violent bout of dysentery. Like other Fectoids, a Cankersour may opt to assemble one larger, more powerful macrobody rather than multiply, still capable of returning to its infectious form at any moment. Otherwise, the young will need to complete their growth before they can infect new hosts.

PERSONALITY: the Cankersour is often described by associated as "dopey," "goofy," or something of a "bumpkin." Easygoing and easily amused, it would always rather have a relaxing, lazy afternoon in a pile of dung than have to fight.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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