CARERAZOR - The Delightful Demishade


   Like the mysterious Shades who toil in Mortasheen city's inner workings, the Demishades consist mostly of a crystalloid skeleton and organs suspended in an energy-absorbing fluid matrix, resembling beings of pitch darkness outside of their protective biofiber skins.


Accelerating its chemical processes with a high intake of sugar, the Carerazor constantly sheds sweet-smelling microparticles of its own matrix, which take root in biological sensory systems and establish two-way empathetic broadcast to "share" the Carerazor's emotional states with other sentient beings.


A Carerazor is capable only of positive emotion, experiencing a strong sense of affection towards even the fiercest adversary and a euphoric high under even the most dire circumstances. It is, however, acutely aware of the atypical nature of these responses and the seriousness of life or death situations, and intelligently wields its infectious joy as a formidable survival tool.

The Carerazor is especially protective of small animals and children, including juvenile monsters, and will make every attempt to deal with more troublesome "little friends" nonlethally. Left with no alternative, however, it will not hesitate to protect "actually best friends" from "less best friends" by any means necessary.


The Carerazor's ability to spread happiness in such a literal sense can be a precious asset in almost any line of work, while the nullification of sadness, anger and fear can be a dangerous weapon itself.

The Carerazor's soft, stretchy body can absorb significant physical punishment, and its "ears" can deliver a mighty smack or crushing strangulation every bit as deadly as its retractable claws.


QUASIBIOLOGICAL: a Demishade's mix of organic and inorganic components renders it highly resistant to extreme environments and many microbial or chemical weapons.

INFECTIOUS JOY: the Carerazor can force other creatures to feel only positively about any situation.

SQUISHINESS: the monster's soft body is difficult to damage physically.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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