CHAINSAW KID - The Masked Mauler


   The origin of these violent, manic creatures is not entirely known, but their motorized saws are the terror of all known monsters, ripping through flesh, bone and steel alike with diamond-like teeth.


Chainsaw Kid are carnivorous, sucking organic matter through their hollow bills as their whirling teeth reduce it to pulp. Inorganic material is retained to repair and reinforce the monster's teeth, bony shieldings, ocular lenses and leathery "bandages," actually a weave of soft, fleshy keratin strips which grow out from along the spinal column and coil tightly around the monster's body.

Every three to four years, a Kid begins to gorge itself on stone and metal, eventually generating a metallic, drum-like "egg." An egg typically contains up to six young, but the first to activate its saw will systematically cannibalize its siblings. They are typically skinless upon hatching, but may be provided with an artificial skin or generate their own wrappings as they grow. Adults seldom remain in the vicinity of their eggs for long, but newly hatched specimens usually "adopt" another creature, with or without consent, as a parental figure until large enough to survive on their own.


Chainsaw Kid are intelligent, inquisitive monsters, capable of incredible problem-solving alone or as a group, though their saws are their first immediate answer to any dilemma. Though capable of understanding speech, they communicate only in buzzes, honks, squawks, and various distortions of the word "chainsaw." Feral specimens may prefer to be solitary or hunt in pairs, seldom getting along in numbers of three or more.

Curiously, nearly all Chainsaw Kid suffer a phobia of felidae, though they are otherwise easily distracted by small, fast-moving prey such as rodents, birds and eyeballs.


Chainsaw Kid make faithful, reliable combat monsters, but care should be taken to keep them properly stimulated. A Chainsaw Kid has a constant urge to utilize its saw, and boredome can lead one to acts of random, meaningless destruction. A variety of scrap materials or a minor side job - such as carpentry work - can keep a Chainsaw Kid happy and enriched.


BIOSAW: The Chainsaw Kid's namesake is composed of high-density alloys and can easily rip through most common protective materials.

LAND SPEED: Chainsaw Kid can run long distances at up to 70mph for an extended period of time, though they have difficulty stopping or turning on short notice.

SERPENTINE BANDAGES: Unusual or modified specimens can manipulate their fibrous skin strips like elastic tentacles to ensnare prey.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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