CHAINSAW KID - The Masked Mauler


   The origin of these violent, manic creatures is not entirely known, but their bio-motorized saws are the terror of all known monsters, ripping through flesh, bone and steel alike with diamond-like teeth. Pulverized organic matter is slurped directly through the saw as sustenance, while inorganic matter is retained to produce young with fully-formed saws of their own. The average chainsaw kid can generate and lay a single egg every three to four years, the tiny hatchling growing rapidly as it feeds. Over several generations, "wild" Kids lose their leathery wrappings and begin to hatch completely skinless, though they may be provided with an artificial skin or generate one of their own over many years.

   Chainsaw Kids are highly intelligent, but only speak in buzzes, honks, squawks, and sometimes crude syllables of the word "chainsaw". Using their saw is their answer to virtually any dilemma, including riddles or hypothetical questions. They are terrified of cats for no known reason.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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