CHERNOBEAM - The Fallout Gorgon


A rare cousin to the Chernoblab and Chernoblench, this monster can project radioactive beams from afar.


This deadly biological weapon is designed to produce levels of ionizing radiation dangerous to most other monsters, possessing a secondary lymphatic network adapted to the generation of natural isotopes and a system of metallic spinal cables capable of safely containing excess energy.

The Chernobeam's largely metallic eyes are too specialized for normal visual function, but can detect a living organism by energy signature and bombard the target with projected ion rays at an effective range of up to a thousand yards. As their cellular bonds deteriorate, the prey rapidly decomposes and melts into a heap of steaming sludge, which the monster will slurp up into its concealed, toothless esophagus.

A Chernobeam's own putty-like flesh is in a constant state of imperceptibly slow liquefaction, a process the monster finds pleasurable and reassuring. If protein intake is insufficient to replace lost tissues, the monster's body with reflexively cease radioactive production and slowly restore order to its cellular structure, a stifling and obnoxious sensation to the being.


A Chernobeam tends to dislike physical exertion, social interaction or getting "dirty," and is quick to resort to whining when its comfort levels are compromised. Above all else, it despises the touch and even odor of lead, despite suffering no known harm from the material.

Significant external sources of radioactive waves are highly attractive to a Chernobeam, especially radio towers or other highly elevated structures. Entering an almost trance-like state, the monster will bask in the energy even at risk to what little biological stability it possesses, and mutters unintelligible conversation with some form of consciousness it perceives only within the processes of molecular decay.


A Chernobeam is a natural born long-range sniper, and can even project its silent, invisible rays through most solid barriers. Each of its ocular dishes can swivel independently, allowing it to engage up to two targets simultaneously over a wide area.

A Chernobeam is capable of tightening and releasing its body to launch itself directly upwards, "parachuting" down via its rubbery, bell-shaped cranium.

At lower levels, a Chernobeam's rays can quickly microwave raw meat as desired.


ENERGY VISION: the Chernobeam can "see" almost all organisms within a range of a thousand yards, including through several feet of solid matter.

ION BEAMS: each of a Chernobeam's saucer-like eyes can project a flesh-dissolving particle beam.

PARASOL SPRING: the Chernobeam's unusual body structure allows it to spring itself straight upwards and drift back down, allowing it to reach higher levels of elevation or simply blast targets from the air.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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