CHERNOBLENCH - The Meltdown Man


   Startlingy strong for its sickly, blemished figure, this babbling humanoid emits enough radiation to at least mildly sicken most other creatures by sheer proximity. Crystalline structures in its brain and siliceous ocular bulbs channel this energy into highly focused microwave signals, inflicting considerable discomfort at a distance and dissolving cellular bonds at closer range. Hair, teeth and nails are the first to slough away under this bombardment, shortly before the victim's flesh begins to blister, peel and melt into the viscous, meaty pudding the Chernoblench subsists upon.

   Chernoblench personify radiation itself as a "she" and often express a desire to "be with her." To this end, they are drawn like moths to high-output sources of radioactive energy, even enough to finally destroy their astoundingly resilient bodies.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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