A biofusion between hominid and chigger. Though small, the Chignoble's corrosive chemical secretions and ravenous appetite make it remarkably dangerous.


Like its base organism, the Chignoble's diet consists entirely of solid tissues broken down into liquid by its powerful enzymes. Its tooth-like, muscular tongue vibrates with an audible buzz as it saws its way through skin, muscle and bone, flooding the prey's body with its digestive concoction and guzzling a bubbling stew of dissolved tissues. It particularly favors the liver, spleen and kidneys, but may make its initial tactical strike against the heart or brain.

As Chignoble age, their bodily hairs grow denser, shorter and softer, and their appetites shift. Particularly elderly Chignoble appear thickly furry, feed rarely, and strongly prefer feeding on fresh eggs or the bodies of recently deceased arthropoids. They will usually mate only once, in the final months of their natural life span, and the female will deposit a cluster of several hundred minute young somewhere far away from her own home, quickly fleeing before the infant arthropoids feel their first pangs of hunger.


Chignoble like to gather together in packs of roughly fifteen to sixty individuals, concealing themselves in foliage to ambush prey as a group. Bloodthirsty and brutal, they seldom communicate on topics other than food, and openly mock their more easygoing elders, popularly dismissing them as "fuzzbutts" and preferring a violent death to a peaceful retirement.


Chignoble are fast, energetic little creatures, even a single specimen posing a disorienting threat as it scurries, scrambles, gibbers and slobbers at a maniacal pace, wildly flailing its barbed tongue as it quests for exposed skin and spatters its surroundings with searing corrosive droplets.

Singularly, a Chignoble makes for a frightening personal bodyguard, easily concealed in a small carrying case or under heavy clothing until a situation calls for its violent, messy touch. In larger numbers, the creatures can scour a wide area for intruders or wreak chaos upon an enemy fortification.


SAW TONGUE: the monster's tooth-lined tongue can buzz through flesh like an electrical carving knife.

ENZYME STEW: the Chignoble constantly salivates digestive compounds able to rapidly liquefy organic matter.



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