COCKATROSS - The Poultry Tyrant


   Created as a food source, this immense monster, while delicious and nutritious, can be difficult to raise due to its extremely aggressive and unruly nature. These proud and selfish creatures delight in making life as difficult as possible for their handlers, and grow increasingly violent in the presence of other Cockatross. Nonetheless, many have taken it upon themselves to train these giant beasts as minions, for their impressive size, endurance and violent nature are well-suited for the monster arena.

   Cockatross prefer a nocturnal schedule, and crow loudly as the sun sets. Omnivorous, their favorite food is the flesh and bone of their own kind, making them impossible to raise together. A Cockatross brain is located in the rump, and it will spend many hours admiring itself with its dual heads.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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