The Coffinjoe employs a similar symbiosis system to the Lazaroid, but it is a monster geared much more towards offense. Under stressful conditions, it injects its symbiont with psychoreactive toxins that greatly increase aggression and induce a state of extreme hyperfocus, entering a "berserk mode" that effectively utilizes the symbiont's brain as a combat computer.

The Coffinjoe is a slightly slower monster than the Lazaroid, with more powerful but much less flexible limbs and a thicker, more durable chassis. Its arms can emit devastating blasts of electricity, and its enormous subwoofer can produce a destructive sonic blast. Unfortunately, its toxins have a detrimental effect on its symbiont's nervous system, and it can sustain its berserk mode for only a few hours at a time without terminating its partner.


A Coffinjoe without a symbiont is eerily calm. With a symbiont, it becomes a conniving and imaginative force of destruction, constantly plotting out its next act of violence and emitting its signature slow, booming laughter.

APPLICATION: In its natural state, the Coffinjoe is a plodding colossus best suited to more defensive operation, conserving its toxins until the situation calls for a burst of wanton chaos.


CEREBRAL SYMBIOSIS: the monster can merge minds with any creature housed in its cranial tank, enhancing its own mental faculties and altering its personality.

BERSERK MODE: a surge of mind-altering toxins can temporarily transform the coldly logical cyborg into a killing machine.

CLAW BOLTS: the biomechanoid's claws can unleash thousands of volts of electricity.

SONIC BLAST: the subwoofer mounted between the Coffinjoe's legs is powerful enough to inflict short-range sonic damage.



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