Alchemical Metamother



SAMPLE ACTD-5R SPECIFICATIONS: The anomaly manifests as an amorphous colonial organism with many large unicellular bodies sharing a single consciousness. Undetectable before germination, it metabolizes radiation and develops fungus-like from irradiated metallic surfaces. Every observed specimen can freely reconfigure its molecular structure from organic cytoplasm to the metal of its origin point, which the organism identifies as its "birthmetal." It continues to seek radiation to consume, and during its feeding process can convert surrounding matter of almost any composition into its birthmetal.

Replicated metal matches the original material to the molecular level, and the being will replicate such incongruities as bolts, seams, corrosion and even artificial coloration.

The organism can convert other entities entirely to metal, ceasing their biological and cognitive processes, but can just as effortlessly restore subjects to their original composition and full function.

Radioactive material that the specimen feeds upon through prolonged contact is anomalously stabilized, though its atomic makeup remains unchanged. This stability lasts through intense heat and physical warping, allowing heavier elements to be worked with safely, but biological processes seem to undo it, as affected monsters will slowly regain their radioactivity.


The Acetodagter is reluctant to engage in violence, acting primarily in defense of itself and of designated allies. It is evidently pleased by opportunity to consume radiation, emitting a frantic "snorting" and "snuffling" where it detects irradiated material, though it can seemingly survive indefinitely on ambient UV radiation alone. It identifies itself as feminine and exhibits a strong preference for other entities which do so, though the paremeters by which it defines the concept are unclear, and evidently extended by default to nonsentient unicellular organisms as well.

It has been known to take an interest in metalwork and machinery, with some specimens adapting quickly to roles in vehicle repair, factory operation and construction.


The entity is highly sociable and communicative. It is as yet unable to provide further detail on the nature of its existence or origins, but alludes to an entity it refers to as "the mother" and itself as "her daughters." It has been noted to occasionally use this concept interchangeably with radiation, but does not appear to understand requests to further clarify this relationship.


RADIATION SPONGE: the entity feeds on radioactivity, quickly depleting it from radioactive materials.

METALLIMORPHIC: the entity can convert itself and adjacent matter to the same metal it originally germinated from.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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