This diminutive mammaloid was intended as a Bioconstruct that could be marketed to H. sapiens, designed around characteristics the species is known to find instinctively endearing in other creatures. Intended to enhance its appeal is a subtle psychowave broadcast that amplifies emotional reaction to its appearance.

Unpredictably, the Blitten proved to be not only distressing to most human subjects, but to most other monsters as well. Mutual visual contact is often described as emotionally violating, as though the creature is staring deep into the subject's innermost psyche, and victims may be compelled to fearfully appease the small creature's whims or at least what they presume to be its whims. If for whatever reason they believe they have displeased the Blitten, they are typically stricken with an uncontrollable, primal terror and long-term traumatic association with the monster.


The Blitten is thoroughly oblivious to its effect on other creatures, and oblivious to most surrounding situations in general. With an infantile mind and almost no capacity for negative emotion, it responds to virtually all stimuli with only a contented curiosity and mild amusement.


A potent but indiscriminating bioweapon, the Blitten is always handled with caution, often kept in some form of hibernation or other secure containment system up until deployment.


SOUL STARE: most creatures that meet a Blitten's gaze are stricken with a confusing mix of fear, awe, adoration and revulsion, submitting to the creature's imagined, terrible degree of power and terrified of its hypothetical wrath.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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