Multibrained Beamthrower




An ancient prototypical Biomecha, the Bytefrons is a simplistic model equipped with dual telescoping graspers, multiterrain treads and two possible cranial modules: one with a rational, calculating mind and advanced analytical systems, the other highly defensive and equipped only to power a long-distance particle beam. Originally designed to utilize these modules interchangeably, the monster is significantly more effective with both heads attached simultaneously, the domed combat-brain scanning for threats to disintegrate while the blocky analytical brain controls the body and reigns in its trigger-happy "sibling." Feral specimens replicate directly into this dual-minded configuration, having largely discarded the ability to easily remove and swap modules over several generations.

The Bytefrons fuels itself on organic and metallic material broken down by its particle beam, sucking detritus through an intake between its treads.


Except for its own dual personalities, the Bytefrons is a solitary Biomecha, preferring to communicate only with itself unless absolutely necessary. The upper brain displays a notoriously paranoid outlook, certain that every unfamiliar sight and sound is a threat to be disintegrated, but it will always trust the judgment of its counterpart, which prefers to conserve energy and avoid unnecessary confrontation.

Unfortunately, if the upper brain loses functionality to injury or disease, the lower brain tends to adopt a more fearful nature itself, constantly feeling vulnerable and deducing that it is only logical to deeply seclude itself from any potential threats. If only the lower brain expires, control of the body defaults to the upper, but it tends to initiate a senseless rampage of wanton, aimless destruction.


With both brains operational, the Bytefrons is a well rounded and dependable all-purpose mechanoid, seeing use in combat, exploration, security, mechanical work, office assistance and janitorial duties with minimal unintended casualties.


PARTICLE BEAM: the monster's combat-head can see great distances and unleash a long-range beam that disintegrates solid matter.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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