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In its compact state, the Chucken's single gigantic eyeball is located in its mouth. This eye belies the creature's most notable feature: A single, disproportionately large appendage, which can burst from the creature's mouth and act as a powerful manipulator. The muscular appendage is most commonly humanoid, though its physiology may vary with mutation or modification.

The Chucken's eyeball pops out when the appendage is extended, and must either be held in the hand or left detached. The eye can locomote on its own by rolling, bouncing or climbing surfaces with the aid of an adhesive slime membrane, transmitting visual input back to the Chucken across any distance. The eyeball will wither and die if not reattached within 24 hours, at which point a replacement will regrow in the creature's oral cavity.


The Chucken is usually a fairly docile, amicable beast. They tend to enjoy one another's company, and may even be seen playing "catch" amongst themselves.

The arm is incredibly strong, and is a formidable weapon in its own right. An untrained Chucken will rarely use its arm for for bludgeoning or crushing, however. Instead, its most common form of attack is to grab any nearby object and throw it with great force and accuracy. In close range, the Chucken will typically grab and throw the opponent itself, followed up by pelting it with projectiles. The appendage is also quite capable of catching incoming projectiles and throwing them back.


Sporting a compact frame and great physical strength, the Chucken is a versatile monster that can be used for labor and battles alike, similarly to Gromory. Its natural instincts in battle lend it toward being an archetypical "grappler", tossing opponents around or holding them in place to assist the Chucken's allies. Its detachable eyeball also lends it somewhat to reconnaissance missions.

Care must be taken by scientists, however. An untrained Chucken does not naturally use much discretion when deciding what to throw at enemies. It may decide to fling allied monsters, innocent bystanders, or even its own scientist. A skilled scientist can teach their monster to use this ability smartly, of course: Tossing endangered bystanders to safety, hurling slower allies into the fray, and so on.

Chucken eyes, sometimes nicknamed "Handeyes", are commonly used as balls in sports games. The Chucken itself relishes these games, enjoying an up-close view of the action.


BRUTE STRENGTH: The Chucken's appendage is very strong and tough, making it a formidable physical presence. Its eyeball is sturdier than it looks, being about as durable as an average monster. Its core body is comparitavely fragile, however, leaving it vulnerable to attacks that slip by its arm's defenses.

MARKSMAN ACCURACY:The Chucken is skilled at hitting threats with projectiles, even monsters who are fast moving or far away. It's just as handy with a chunk of rubble or a stray body part as it is with a more aerodynamic object.

LIMITED FLIGHT: The monster's tiny wings do allow it some degree of aerial maneuverability, comparable to that of a real-world chicken, though its flight becomes even more clumsy when its appendage is out. A common form of locomotion sees the Chucken launch itself into the air using its appendage, and then glide through the air with its wings.

DETACHABLE EYE: The Chucken's eyeball detaches from its body when its appendage is out. It can see through the eye at any distance, though it will die and regrow if not reattached within 24 hours. The eye is capable of locomotion and is more resilient than it appears, though it has little means of defending itself aside from attempting to ram into threats.



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