Observational Outsider




The anomaly has no internal systems of obvious function, consisting only of an unknown fluid pumping by indeterminate means through a jointed silicon body. A single inset quartz-like crystal is the entity's only apparent "organ," serving universal sensory function and capable of emitting sound. It levitates freely by its "head" crystal, its appendages observed to loosely dangle.

The entity appears motivated by a drive to observe and understand its surroundings, possessing at least visual, auditory, thermal and chemosensory capabilities. It is also capable of emitting a radioactive beam by which it can analyze the internal structure of unfamiliar objects, but this beam has a detrimental effect on organic tissue.

A diavoil commonly has an almost humanoid arrangement of a singular head crystal, thin dangling "torso" crystal and four "appendage" crystals, however it has been encountered with a number of other arrangements mirroring an assortment of other lifeforms, and can phase into a new arrangement as it chooses. If this body is sufficiently damaged, the creature can often remanifest within days or even mere hours.


DIV-0-01 has been described as "curious" and "playful," often seen twirling and dancing in the air as it emits a pleasant, melodious thrumming sound. It gravitates towards objects, especially lifeforms, that it has not previously encountered and is often seen to crudely imitate the subject's movements, if not reconfigure its own structure into a rough facsimile. Aware of its destructive effects, it is reluctant to employ its ray on sentient beings unless absolutely necessary, though its attitude towards this problem is one of only mystefied and reluctant concession, as though subjects are simply being "difficult" by being physically vulnerable to concentrated radioactive bombardment.


The Diavoil seems fascinated by conventional reality, marveling at the most fundamental and mundane laws of matter and energy, describing its place of origin as having "both, but neither." When questioned on the nature of its own physical body it will often refer to the crystalline structure as something it "put on" or "came into" in order to "comply" with the nature of our universe, and is often under the impression that this form bears thorough resemblance to common lifeforms, puzzled but impressed that its alien nature is visually obvious to most intelligent observers.


X-RAY BLAST: the monster can emit a powerful X-ray beam, allowing it to see through solid matter but potentially damaging to living organisms.

REMATERIALIZATION: the Diavoil can reappear some time after its apparent destruction, returning from its ambiguous native reality in another crystalline vessel.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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