Tentacular Whirlwind




This gargantuan Joker possessess six to twelve strong, elastic tentacles terminating in tooth-lined trilobal grasping pods able to enclose most smaller creatures in an inescapable grip. Formidable in even simple physical combat, its true power lies in its adhesive, pillar-like central foot. Anchoring firmly in place, it twists on this rubbery appendage until wound tight, then releases its tension to whirl its upper body at dizzying speeds. Though the concussive force of this maneuver is impressive enough, it most prefers to clutch one or more adversaries in its pods until its spin reaches maximum velocity, releasing its captives to splatter against nearby terrain or soar into the horizon.

Faced with a more evasive opponent, the flower-like cranial appendage of the Hucktopus can vent its psychotropic gases, lulling susceptible lifeforms into a false sense of safety or even an active desire to "take a ride" in its tentacles.

A Hucktopus feeds on fluids extracted from the thin, sharp teeth within the petals of its graspers.


Like many Jokers, the Hucktopus is a carefree and fun-loving monster, happy to oblige "riders" whether under the influence of its gas or autonomously seeking an extreme new thrill. Despite the unpredictable nature of the Joker class, it is careful not to let go of willing participants unless by their direct request.


A Hucktopus can make a mighty guardian beast, attaching long-term to a desired post and engaging interlopers from all directions. The strength of both its basal and tentacular grip also sees use in heavy lifting work, but it grows easily and dangerously bored by slower paced activity. Its spinning technique may also be used to fling inanimate projectiles, but may complain about the lack of taste. Naturally, at least one Hucktopus is an expected fixture of any given fairground.


TENTACLE TRAP: each stretchy, powerful tentacle of the Hucktopus ends in a three-petaled trap, concealing sharp barbs that can drain body fluids.

JOKER GAS: Hucktopus gas instills self-destructive thrill seeking fixated on the creature's tentacles.

TILT-A-HURL: the monster can lock into place, wind up and initiate a mighty spinning maneuver to throw creatures or objects from its tentacles.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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