Cavorting Eyepopper




This amphibious creature is believed to have arisen when brainflukes attempted assimilation of a Joker class, but failed to integrate their chaotic new host into a functioning Wormbrain hivemind. The resulting Joker shares much of its biology with such monsters as Eyezome and Screamatode, but lacks any particular drive to spread its parasites or any evident degree of control over infested hosts, which exhibit only the typical erratic behavior of most Jokers.

The Japeworm's eyestalks are denser and more muscular than other brood-eye Wormbrains, and are employed by the monster to pummel adversaries with great speed and force, unleashing a flurry of rubbery punches not unlike a professional boxer. It detonates the sacs only as a last resort - or whenever it deems the action especially "funny" - resulting in a blinding burst of vividly colorful, confetti-like infectious flukes and sticky streamer-like worms that can drift and hang suspended in the air for several minutes. The monster's less destructible heart can also be extruded with considerable force, and is equipped with a sharpened barb. The creature can even employ its eyes and heart together to launch itself backwards into the air, usually as an evasive maneuver.


A Japeworm spends most of its time roaming in no particular direction, seeking food and especially entertainment. It responds to most potential predators with prolonged routines of mockery, teasing and pranking until forced to engage physically, and still prefers to leave an opponent alive but humiliated, if only out of devotion to what it considers more comedic.

Though only reproducing through asexual fission, the Japeworm is known for a seemingly "licentious" streak, falling head over heels for beings it finds aesthetically attractive. This is typically marked by an eye-popping, heart-bursting, foot-stomping "courtship dance" accompanied by hornlike squawking, unfortunately followed by many of the same irritating pranks and tricks with which it typically defends itself. It won't allow an object of its affection to come to any harm, but is likely to meet its own violent end when its antics prove less than appreciated.


Even by Joker standards, a Japeworm's rambunctiousness is difficult to keep under control and tries the patience of even the most disciplined creatures. It is more popular as a source of entertainment than anything else, finding devoted "fans" wherever it may go, but those who earn a Japeworm's shaky respect and dedication find themselves with an insidiously clever ally.


BUGEYE BONK: the monster's eyeballs can be launched on thin stalks with enough force to deliver a damaging punch.

HEARTSTAB: the creature's sharp-tipped heart can be launched on its own muscular cables.

PARASITE CLOUD: the Japeworm can detonate its eyes to fill the air with a disorienting cloud of maddening brain parasites.



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