Demoniacal Antenna




A biomechanoid imitation of the Devilbird class, the Mechabolical was designed to resist psychological bioweaponry and maintain the safest possible neural communication with the dangerous creatures, but only proved even easier for Devilbirds to dominate than most fully organic minds, and can artificially relay their viral cognitopatterns to potential hosts with far greater clarity, range and targeted focus than any Devilbird can achieve unassisted.

The monster is capable of feeding on any organic material it can ingest with the aid of its barbed, prehensile tongue and elongated beak, which are also employed in self defense, though it is not designed to be especially maneuverable or physically durable and even has difficulty righting itself if toppled.


The Mechabolical was designed to serve strictly as a communicator and is subsequently used by Devilbirds to amplify and extend the power of their infectious minds. Its mind is by necessity an emotional blank by default, but it quickly adopts psychological characteristics from any Devilbird it may channel, gradually developing an unstable and devious personality intent on expanding the influence of its diabolical "masters." Over time, however, it may even come to view itself as the true manipulator and superior being, or even the "perfected form" of the Devilbird class.


The Mechabolical is of little use outside the research, husbandry or weaponization of Devilbirds, and the benefits it offers carry with them significant risk. Maintaining any preferred power dynamic with any given Devilbird other than a Sloth is a constant challenge for even their most experienced specialists, and it can be difficult to even correctly identify when that dynamic has shifted. The Mechabolical easily disrupts that delicate balance - and often actively desires to do so - but if mutual respect can be established between trainer, biomecha and devilbird, the three in tandem can be devastatingly formidable.


DIABOLIC VESSEL: the Mechabolical acts as a psychic relay system for monsters of the Devilbird class, allowing them to invade and dominate the minds of other creatures at a distance.



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