Terrorizing Gazer




This gas-filled floating psychoweapon is physically fragile and not especially maneuverable, but the four powerful eyes arranged around its spherical form can emit long-range particle beams that induce a rising, uncontrollable fear and panic in creatures making visual contact with the colorful ocular organs. Breaking visual contact can only temporarily interrupt this response and does not reset its escalation, every subsequent glimpse of the monster's eyes - even those of another Meduscare - more terrifying than the last until the effect is allowed to fade over the course of several hours. Otherwise, prolonged or repeated visual perception of the Meduscare's gaze may eventually trigger fainting, psychological shock or even cardiac arrest.

Anchoring itself to terrain by its claws or its cranial hook, the Meduscare prefers to remain stationary as long as it can sustain its minimalistic dietary needs, sucking organic particles and minute airborne organisms into its ventral feeding tube. Its vaporous waste matter is retained within a specialized defensive gland, stinging the mucus membranes of predators that resist its gaze.


A fearful creature itself, the Meduscare enjoys peaceful solitude and will attempt to repel anything it believes has the potential to harm it. Though its thin, membranous surface does not puncture easily and grows back quickly, it loathes springing a "leak" to any degree and especially detests the presence of birds or other flying organisms with sharp appendages. Whenever possible, it desires to anchor itself to the highest point it can see within a hundred yards that still offers some shelter from the elements or a hiding place it can retreat to.


Meduscare are effective enough alone, but may also be carried by other monsters to provide multi-directional defensive cover, sometimes even within a protective vessel with strategic portholes. Off the battlefield, it may be stationed wherever frequent traffic is undesirable, and is commonly tasked with protecting gardens in tandem with at least one other variety of monster; one that can easily deal with non-visual intruders.


BUOYANCY: the balloon-like monster can float through the air.

DEFENSIVE GAS: it can repel some attackers with its acrid waste gas.

TERROR-EYES: the Meduscare's eyes emit particle beams that trigger an uncontrollable, escalating fear response as long as the subject is making eye contact.



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