Monolithic Pseudogod



The ultimate creation of the Munificent Order of Bemired God-Architects; a mysterious religious sect searching for a being worthy of deification. The Multieyedol was designed to be an enticing vessel for a hypothetical higher power. Beneath its rocklike shell, the massive pyramidal organism generates an amorphous siliceous tissue compound or "biomud" from its molten hot core, a material it can control deftly enough to form an array of powerful and dextrous pseudopoda. With slightly more difficulty, it can break off a small portion of this material into an independently mobile drone or "acolyte" that acts upon the creature's desires, and by deeply concentrating, it can control a thin layer of biomud for a radius of up to a kilometer.

Left to their own devices, a Multieyedol's acolytes construct crude buildings, shrines, and curios from any available minerals or metals, spiraling out in patterns of vaguely-living quasi-divine dross. Under the mother-pyramid's conscious direction, however, intricate defensive fortifications, mazes, and traps may be constructed. The creature can also exert a teleneurological dominance over less intelligent monsters, but especially siliceous monsters with as the Ghoulem or other Rock Beasts, coordinating its lesser kin to serve as extensions of its being.


The typical Monoeyedol has an ostentatious, power-hungry personality, an insatiable craving for attention and an almost childish suggestibility, easily manipulated by flattery and prone to delusions of grandeur at the slightest provocation. Aware of its intended purpose, it may grow to believe it is either truly channeling a divine supernatural force or that it is worthy by its own merits to be treated as such. Even the most scientifically minded Multieyedol, the self-named Mathematizar of the Ur-Quark, has spent centuries on her quantum thesis that the inherent purpose of space-time was to facilitate her creation.

Despite its often insufferable ego, a Multieyedol is affectionate and protective of what it considers its "servants," a status it extends to virtually all non-antagonist beings it encounters. And in some cases, even an antagonistic being is merely considered a "difficult" servant.


The typical Multieyedol enjoys a hedonistic life of supposed godhood, praised and pampered by whatever cult it has gathered, and may operate any number of other temples typically coordinated by a Rock Beast "monk." A few Monoeyedol nonetheless operate in the employ of scientists or other monster trainers, internally rationalizing these humbler lives in their own way.

In combat, the Multieyedol can spew forth its own personal arena of shifting muck, rocky obstacles and roaming mud drones. Control if this custom arena requires careful concentration and constant visual contact, leaving its large eyes vulnerable while it manipulates its traps and minions. When forced to join the fray, it enjoys sliding and whirling along the muddy terrain to smash its adversaries or employing its tentacles to flip smaller prey into its roasting hot jaws.


BIOMUD TENTACLES: the Multieyedol can generate and control a tremendous volume of silicon-based living tissue with a similar consistency to clay, forming the substance into powerful tentacular appendages.

BIOMUD TERRAIN: the creature can spread its ooze into a thin field up to a kilometer across, and controll this terrain with careful concentration.

BIOMUD ACOLYTES: the Multieyedol can form its mud into crude, independently motile shapes that follow its subconscious command.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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