Looming Gazer




Engineered as a sustainable artificial light source and security system, this large biped can generate light from its complex multi-lensed eye across the full spectrum, finely adjusting coloration, brightness and UV levels as needed. It is capable of slowing its metabolism and remaining stationary for extensive periods of time, and is capable of unihemispheric sleep, remaining alert while each half of the brain rests successively.

A Streetfright is omnivorous, but requires protein and fat to produce sufficient chemosynthetic fuel for its internal power cells. It can concentrate its light into a concentrated microwave beam to effectively cook prey or potential threats, but expends significant energy to do so, limiting the maneuver as much as it can to short, precise bursts.


The streetfright has a taciturn and gruff nature, communicating only as necessary and annoyed by persistent social interaction. It takes its purposes seriously with unwavering dedication, and it is notoriously resistant to distractions, though it is known to softly, almost imperceptibly waver in place when it is at its least displeased, especially when it can hear some form of music.


The Streetfright is adaptable to almost any scenario where illumination or protection are desirable. It may be stationed to oversee public activities, guard sensitive commodities or even nourish photosynthetic biota. It is also possessed of a sharp memory, and can recall any number of signals it may be taught for a given role, changing the intensity and coloration of its light.

In more active combat, it can daze visually equipped adversaries with an intense enough blast of light or wield its microwave beam to devastating effect. When all else fails, its massive metal-laced jaws can chomp neatly through dense bone.


OCULAR LANTERN: the Streetfright can emit almost any variety of light from its complex eyestalk, even at blinding intensity.

MICROWAVE GAZE: the monster can produce a burning radioactive beam.

IRON JAWS: the creature's jaws and teeth are reinforced with metal.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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