CORPUSITE - The Body Thief


   This mysterious organism does not feed or reproduce in its natural state, but can molt down to a mobile cerebrum, phase into the body of any sentient being and merge completely with the host brain, creating a new entity with the combined memories and personality of both. This entity feels a pressing urge to reproduce, but can bear only more Corpusite as offspring, regardless of species or sex. After months or years of perpetuating its kind, the combined being typically cocoons itself and molts back into another new Corpusite, eventually passing its combined consciousness on to yet another host. Particularly ancient Corpusite may house the fused sentience of several hundred creatures, and often become teachers, doctors, philosophers or even spiritual advisors. Many have sought out these monsters to offer themselves up as the next host, craving greater knowledge and a form of extended life.

   Once its brain has been expelled, an "empty" Corpusite body reverts to an insect-like intellect and is typically left to fend for itself, slowly developing a new brain with its own independent experiences. Though these beings seem biologically geared towards nothing but the infiltration and annihilation of other species, they are generally nonviolent and seem to have long forgotten their own origins. Their biology is clearly extraterrestrial, lacking even a traditional cellular structure; their tissues are comprised of myriad organelles coursing through gelatinous, interwoven tubes.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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