DEPRAVEN - The Parasitic Cackler


   This reviled monster craves any chance to plunge its twin "stingers" into a living host, one injecting a single spermatomoeba and the other a single egg-spore. Though the monster's original body will perish shortly thereafter, its host will almost immediately begin to incubate the bird's parasitic larva, retaining the parent's complete memory and personality with some fragments of the host's mind by the time it matures - usually within 22 hours - and pecks its way free.

   Depraven learn to speak most languages quite fluently over their many lives, but have little to say that isn't licentious, insensitive or misanthropic; they get a petty thrill out of negative attention, and feel an obsessive need to emotionally agitate a victim before their parasitic attack. More often than not, a Depraven can be completely repelled by simply ignoring the lewd insults and offensive jokes it takes such pride in.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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