DETRIVILE - The Hungry Trashbag


   This living composter was engineered to collect organic refuse of all sorts - including trespassers - and homogenize it into a nutritious mush for use as high efficiency monster feed, fertilizer and biofuel. Its jaws and throat can stretch wide to accommodate large morsels, and indigestibles such as glass or metal are retained to help grind down softer food. It often reaches into itself to retrieve useful objects, and will feed excess inorganic scrap to such monsters as Litterthug. Its entire upper body can easily withdraw into its baglike belly, contracting into a tough ball and rolling from place to place.

   Detrivile can be recognized by their loud, ragged, phlegmy breathing and nasally laugh often followed by a snort. They slobber profusely at the smell of decay, and will take any opportunity to engulf zombies.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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