DIABLYMOUS - Devil Bird of Horror


   The result of all seven basic Devil Birds producing an egg together, the Diablymous is a slightly more physical threat than its bretheren, with its ability to fly at breakneck speeds and hurl its clawed feet boomerang-like. Victims percieve its attack as a lifelike hallucination of the one death that would horrify them the most, though the Diablymous will not actually kill them, consuming only their fear and leaving the prey in a state of comatose trauma, mutilated but alive.

A weakened, cornered Diablymous will make a final escape effort by exploding the faces in its skull, hopefully blinding the attacker with twin gouts of thick, sticky blood.

The call of a Diablymous sounds like a Theramin, and is strangely attractive to butterflies, though the creature will not eat them.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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