DIAMREM - The Malodormaid


After nearly a century of the enigmatic Junjo emerging in waves from the sea, another strain of monster began to emerge from their parasitized brood-hosts. Far rarer, the Diamrem is also much faster, deadlier and more intelligent than its cousins.


Anatomically speaking, a Diamrem externally resembles a hominoid torso and arms with a piscoid "tail." Internally, it is the "tail" that houses the brain and sensory organs, its fins serving as its eyes and ears. What would be the lower end of a piscean digestive tract - a small pore on one side of the tail - is utilized for the ingestion of minute food particles in nutrient-rich liquid environments, and where a head would be attached to its hominoid portion is only an excretory orifice.

Unlike the Junjo, a Diamrem's decomposition is restricted primarily to several sets of redundant, expendable viscera that steadily regenerate and break down on an endless cycle, filling its body with a putrid concoction of cadaverous fluids it can expel from any orifice or wound; even ejecting the rotting organs themselves in a dire enough situation.

The crustaceoid parasites inhabiting a Diamrem's epidermis are extensions of its consciousness, and can transmit its juices directly to the bloodstream of other creatures, inducing the processes of toxic shock along with a psychotropic effect unique to the Diamrem's bacterial flora. Regardless of their prior appetites, victims are enraptured by the Diamrem's odor, interpreting its every expulsion as a beautiful, beckoning call, and will stop at nothing to protect the source of the fragrance from all possible harm...at least until they finally succumb to blood poisoning.


A Diamrem cares greatly about its appearance, deliberately inducing boils, scabs, ulcers, fungal infections or other flourishes to its surface tissues wherever it deems them attractive, and spending long hours "ripening" in direct sunlight or pools of stagnant water. Otherwise, it is a serious and brutal creature that will defend its territory and Junjo "siblings" to the bitter end. It regards those it successful infatuates as disappointingly weak, even repulsive in their foolishness, and has the utmost respect for adversaries who can resist its chemical effects.

The Diamrem's "tail fin" can truly be considered its face, but it does not recognize a concept of having a "front" or "back," and will swim in either direction as it sees fit.


A Diamrem is extremely maneuverable in water or on land, able to run and climb rapidly on its bony but powerful arms. It can also swing its piscean portion with enough force slap an enemy senseless or catapult itself into the air, during which it may release a continuous, whirling stream of noxious fluid or even rain its parasites down upon multiple targets.


FISH JUICE: the Diamrem is filled with putrescent liquid, the smell and taste unbearable to many other creatures and the bacterial toxins immediately debilitating.

ARGULUS: a Diamrem's fish lice can inject its juices directly into a host, where they can overwhelm and shut down bodily organs.

SIREN STINK: as long as they remain conscious and functional, victims of the Diamrem's toxins find its odor enchanting, and will make every attempt to defend the monster from others.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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