DINGNUT - The Grease Monkey


   Designed for general mechanical labor, a Dingnut's incredibly powerful clamps, dextrous toes, flexible skeleton and lubricating secretions allow it to reach deep within machinery to tighten, replace or dismantle bad components. They are incredibly focused and proficient at their work, but have a reputation for wild, destructive and childish behavior when they aren't kept busy. Feral Dingnuts entertain themselves with wanton acts of sabotage and seem particularly attracted to military aircraft where they can cause the most "exciting" damage. Domestic Dingnuts don't seem to mind cleaning up after their wild bretheren; each gives the other more work to enjoy.

   When its hyperactivity and brute strength aren't enough, a Dingnut can defend itself with a torrent of hazardously slippery grease from its throat. It gets along well with Slimewinder, and the two are an integral part of Mortasheen sewer maintenance.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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