DISSOLVORE - The Helljacket


   Before the perfection of more civilized mental conditioning, the Dissolvore was one of many popular methods for guaranteeing the obedience of human minions, functioning as a living restrainment device that would rapidly consume tissues at its master's command. They continue to see popular use in certain crime syndicates, especially in the feral human territories beyond Mortasheen, and can make quite capable (even fashionable) battle-monsters. Unattached to a body, they are highly acrobatic fliers and can stretch their membranes to encase far larger creatures and smother them in digestive enzymes.

   A Dissolvore can regenerate from the tiniest scrap of its head in only hours. Usually engineered fully formed, feral specimens can eventually produce fluttering, bow-like larvae. Quite intelligent, their deadpan no-nonsense attitude often belies a dry sarcastic wit.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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